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Developer: Sergey Vdovenko
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Current version: 1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Oct 2011
App size: 9.04 Mb
4.1 ( 6721 ratings )
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Moon Phase Gadget is a set of stylish Moon and Sun gadgets for your desktop. Moon Phase Gadget is a great addition to the magnificent Deluxe Moon HD application.

- Large Moon gadget with precise moon phase times.
- Sun gadget with sunrise and sunset times.
- Small, stylish moon gadget with main Moon information.

Moon Parameters
- Precise Moon phase times.
- Full names of all Moon phases.
- Moonrise and moonset times for your location on large gadget.
- Moon countdown timers: amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.
- Percent of the illuminated Moon area.
- Current moon age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.
- Zodiac sign the Moon is in.

Sun Parameters
- Sunrise, sunset and zenith times.
- Number of days since beginning of the year.
- Zodiac sign the Sun is in.
- Solar time

We appreciate your input. Please help us make this application better with your feedback – if you like Deluxe Moon, write us a review on iTunes.

Your support would greatly help us make the application even better!
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Portugal 2.29 EUR
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Russia 149 RUB
Turkey 8.99 TRY
USA 1.99 USD
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more complete than many other lunar calendars

nice little gadget, rather thorough about lunar facts (more than most other lunar calendars). I would only add void of course times to have a perfect little tool.


I keep this on my iMac desktop and its looks great. Well worth the price! PLEASE make a weather app like this too. Like your layout and design of this. It would look amazing next to this app ;)

Elegant and Simple

I first came across the program by Lifeware on my iPhone. Liked it so much I wanted the same on my macbook, and I get all the information on the two smaller gadget windows. I would give them 5 stars but I was actually hoping the app would run without showing up in the dock. Thats only because I tend to hit it by accident since I always have so many other programs running all day. With that said, superb work all around!

Excellent app, but a memory leak eventually gets you

Feature wise and appearance wise it is great. I really like the app and would love to keep it running all the time. Unfortunately, it has a memory leak that they have never fixed. It was a severe problem before I upgraded to 16 GB and less so now. But the author should really fix that leak: It starts out at 135 MB, then climbs in over a week to 1.5 GB. I would give it 5 stars if he would fix this.

I *thought* this was a really good app ...

I loved this app. I was looking for a simple app that would tell me the signs the Sun and Moon are in, and this app seemed to do it perfectly. Today is the day of the spring equinox, when the Sun enters Aries. Im sorry to find that Moon Phase Gadget still shows the Sun being in Pisces, even though the Sun entered Aries early this morning and now its after 5 p.m. The appearance of the app is very good, but since discovering the apps inaccuracy, I know I cant count on the app to always show the correct sign. Disappointing! If this gets fixed, Ill be happy to re-review it.

Moon Phase Gad/GET

Excellent app! I dont hesitate giving this app five stars! The only thing I could find wrong? The app was not available a few years ago! With Moon Face Gadget its best to spell Gadget / Gad "Get".

No good

I live in the US but want to check the rising and setting times of the Moon in Chile, in the settings I wrote the Lat / Long of the city in Chile also the UTC offset for Chile however there is no way I can get the times for Chile I always get it for my home town, obviously setting the country, UTC offset and Lat / Long are useless. I do not recommend this software if you want to check the times in other place than where you live.

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