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"HeartWatch is so good, you’d think Apple built the app itself." John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine. Top 5 in Health & Fitness in 63 countries.

HeartWatch 3 requires iOS 10 or iOS 11. Watch OS 3 or Watch OS 4.
If you are missing the Watch App or Experiencing crash on restart, please press the Review tab and click on App Support. This explains what you need to do! Please email us if you are stuck. We love to help.

Your Apple Watch is a highly sophisticated instrument, measuring and capturing your heart rate data throughout the day.

HeartWatch lets you see how your heart is beating across four simple views. Waking, Regular, Workout & Sleeping. Each of these views are isolated because, while you may want a higher heart rate during a workout, if your heart is racing when you arent doing any exercise then this is likely not a good thing and probably something you might want to show your medical practitioner.

HeartWatch gives you an easy solution to this. It accesses your heart rate & workout readings created by your Apple Watch and unlocks the power of this information in a simple, intuitive way.

HeartWatch 2 introduces heart badges. These are a simple glanceable graphic that lets you quickly see how your heart is doing for different types of events. The colours represent time in zones overlayed with an average.

For regular* heart rate readings, the ideal is to have a completely blue badge. The bigger the red ring around the badge, the more time spent with an elevated heart rate. Even though averages can appear to be similar, the badge shows a clear picture of how your heart has really been tracking and alerts you about excessively high or low readings.

For workouts, you can easily see the zonal makeup of your workout at a glance.

*regular: time spent not sleeping nor working out.

The complication displays the last heart rate reading captured by your watch.

An instant background update has you seeing your latest heart rate and a summary of your day. You can take your "live" pulse at any time by tapping the Pulse gauge. You can start a workout directly in the app and get live updates on your heart rate zone. You can also track sleep and add measurements & notes.

Whether you are looking for heart rate irregularities or checking on your workout progress, HeartWatch makes things very easy via a 12 week big picture. Find out exactly what your heart was doing throughout your day. The addition of an energy overlay to the regular heart rate detail view means you can determine if those peaks you sometimes get are more likely due to stress or increased activity.

Capture key HealthKit measurements just by saying them, take notes about your day and track sleep.

You can configure notifications for the following scenarios.
- When heart rate exceeds a bpm value.
- When heart rate drops below a bpm value.
- A daily reminder to check how youve gone today.

Heart Watch is very useful tool to get alerted about any possible health issues in a concise format that you can show your medical practitioner.

This app requires an iPhone that has the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is ideally populated by your Apple Watch. You can also import heart rate readings from other sources and devices.
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Latest version HeartWatch. Heart & Activity: 3.5

iOS 11 & WatchOS 4 update plus lots of other improvements.
You can read all about them on the More tab in the app.

Apps Changes History:
  • 7 hours ago: New App Version 3.2 ☛ 3.5
  • 7 months ago: New App Version 3.1 ☛ 3.2
  • 10 months ago: New App Version 3.0 ☛ 3.1
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 2.1 ☛ 3.0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 2.0 ☛ 2.1
  • New App Version 1.99 -> 0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.1 ☛ 2.0
  • 1 year ago: New App Version 1.0 ☛ 1.1
Très bien

Permet un suivi et un historique du rythme cardiaque plus précis. Fait ce quon lui demande.

Scandaleusement bien

Whaou, quelle mise à jour ! Lancienne version commençait à me faire regretter davoir téléchargé cette app. Mais plus maintenant ! - Intégration du français. Encore quelques réglages en anglais mais ça passe

Marche pas

Lappli ne sinstalle pas sur lApple watch .. Le comble pour une appli qui lui est dédiée

Très bien mais...

Très bonne appli. Elle permet de suivre son activité cardiaque de manière précise. MAIS le suivi de sommeil ne se synchronise pas avec l’app « heartwatch » du téléphone. Je garde donc sleep++ qui est juste parfait.

Très bien mais !

Excellente app. Clair et synthétique ! Mais il ny a pas de synchronisation du sommeil entre lapp de la watch et lapp du téléphone (iPhone 6s+ iOS 9.2.1) Je garde sleep++ qui est excellent ! Attendez une mise à jour avant de lacheter ☺️ Excellent app. Clear and concise! But there is no synchronization between the sleep app to watch and the app phone (iPhone 6s + iOS 9.2.1) I still sleep ++ is great! Expect an update before buying ☺️

Excellente mise à jour

Très belle mise à jour, beaucoup de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Recommandé


Très bonne appli et très utile ! Bravo !

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